Ms Jennifer Liu, chairwoman and founder of the top specialty coffee chain in Hong Kong, founded the Weekend Upcycling Workshop in 2014.

Back in 2013, she participated in the programme ‘Rich Mate Poor Mate’ on RTHK. During the experience, she worked as a room service attendant by day and stayed in partitioned flats at night. Within a few days, she caught a glimpse of the extremely poor living conditions of the underprivileged (despite the overall prosperity of Hong Kong).

This very experience inspired her to establish an initiative that tackles poverty, inadequate housing, and waste issues in the city, the beginning of her ESG journey.

The Weekend Upcycling Workshop aims to connect all sectors of society to achieve a common goal – bridging society’s gap and building a sustainable future. A yearly programme of independent workshops targetting to inspire all social groups is organised, aiming to tackle issues related to waste and the social gap from a variety of perspectives.

Through sharing of expertise and creative collaborative exploration between underprivileged communities, professionals, and influencers, we hope to connect the “social gap”, nurture a waste-free lifestyle, and promote a sustainable future.