It all begins with the space.

  • Sensory Playground

    With a strong focus on customer experience, The Coffee Academïcs has curated unique sensory playgrounds for coffee aficionados in the region; exceptional attention is paid to both interior design and coffee presentation. Each of The Coffee Academïcs store presents a distinct personality, curated to seamlessly integrate with the charm and vivacious essence of the surrounding neighbourhood while aesthetically standing out. This shines through our carefully curated music playlist, reading materials, homely yet eclectically stylish decor and state-of-the-art coffee machines and brewing equipment. 

  • Design Philosophy

    Our store designs are often inspired by elements of global locales that left an imprint on the Founder’s travels or distinctive cultural/design influences from coffee-producing regions. 

    A mix of bohemian cool and relaxed industrial metropolitan chic, our designs are also influenced by the characteristics of the neighourhoods we are located in.  For example, a Balinese Retreat  theme at our beachfront location in Repulse Bay, a Scholarly theme at our University of Hong Kong location, a Glamping theme at our shop in Harbour City, etc. No location falls prey to today's generic cookie-cutter minimalist design fads. 

  • Inclusion

    All our larger-model cafes have communal tables where our customers can meet new people, or do a bit of work away from their office, or meet their family and friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our designs are made for people to connect. Our designs are non-elitist and made for everyone. Whether you are here for work, for pleasure, to relax, or to get ready to take on the day with an extra espresso shot, our designs offer a space for all. 

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