Beyond Learning

Coffee Class Workshop in Bangkok

Accessible. In-depth.

The Coffee Academïcs has invested continuously in barista training as well as top-of-the-line brewing equipment. It is known for its comprehensive coffee training programs for both professional and hobbyist purposes.

With enthusiasm for establishing a stronger coffee culture and community in Asia, The Coffee Academïcs extends its training services from internal teams to customers at large, providing workshops and events led by qualified coffee instructors as well as internationally recognized certification programs to the public.

Our coffee workshops include in-house coffee appreciation classes, Specialty Coffee Association SCA-Certified or Q-Grader courses, and Cup of Excellence cupping sessions.

Sign up for a class to learn about the deep knowledge and skills that go into your daily cuppa.

Espresso & Milk

Demystify the art of mixing espresso with milk/mylk

What goes into pulling shots and steaming milk to make those delicious and silky smooth cappuccinos and cafe lattes?


Sensory & Cupping

Activate all your senses

The nuances and varied descriptions of coffee flavours, taste and tactile experience are explored and experienced.


Brewing Skills

It's just coffee, water and you

A 1.5 hour experience into the world of handcrafted pour-over coffee and enjoying the fruits of your labour.