With over 50 different single-origin coffee beans sourced for routine blending or custom-blending services, The Coffee Academïcs has the largest collection thus far as a coffeehouse in Hong Kong.

Custom Blend Coffee Packaging sample

Custom Blend

We proudly present to you a selection of our award-winning blends, each with a distinct flavour profile that best showcases our passion and commitment to deliver uncompromising quality, as well as a true expression of the specialty coffee craft.

Roaster Quality Assurance
2010 Haven Street
Roastery Studio

As one of the first local roasteries in Hong Kong, we herald World-Class Specialty Coffee to our home city through roasting exceptional coffee beans and offering professional training and workshops.

2012 Yiu Wah Street
TCA Flagship Store

We are one of the few coffee houses that have incorporated our roasting facilities within the outlet for public viewing, taking Hong Kong’s coffee culture to new heights and offering a unique sensory playground for coffee aficionados.

2017 Peel Street
Roastery Lab

Synchronously scientific and artistic, The Coffee Academïcs brought a roastery to the bustling street in the heart of Central for guests to enjoy and experience the latest innovations and technologies that ultimately enhance the entire coffee experience.

2020 Morrison Hill
TCA Roasting Studio

Spanning 2,000 sqft, the enhanced TCA Roasting Studio continues to delight our coffee patrons. Roasting to finesse the inherent character of coffee and meticulously cupping to ensure quality, every molten pearl of coffee speaks of our interpretation of the perfect brew.



    It is said that at least 40 pairs of hands have touched one’s coffee before its arrival in a cup. As a proponent of open, transparent trading partnerships based on dialogue and respect, our beans are sourced with careful consideration in support of sustainability, traceability and transparency. Our beans are also certified by Rainforest Alliance, as part of our commitment to the conservation of biodiversity and sustainability of livelihoods of coffee growing regions.

    Of our coffee partners, we feature origins of 1900 metres above sea level, characteristic volcanic soil and pollution-free environments surrounded by pristine mountain streams. We also prohibit the use of insecticides and pesticides wherever possible, as part of our commitment to the environment.

    Where possible, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. Our takeaway-ware is compostable, which means that they are biodegradable within 12 weeks upon disposal.


    The Coffee Academics produces over 3,000kg roasted beans permonth. We have an arsenal of sustainable, stable and reliable coffee roasters for all of our production purposes.

    Among our facilities:

    A Germany made Giesen W15A gives a great advantage of enlarging the production capacity. It also enables to monitor and record each batch of roasting to ensure the quality of all outputs.

    The Australian made Bullet R1 is a 1kg roaster for sample roasting and small batches of order. It provides flexible control and is highly accurate in tuning for roasting. The roasting profile can be played back and shared between roasters. It also maintains a high consistency in all roasting practices.


    Water contributes to over 98% volume of a cup of coffee.

    BWT - Best Water Technology, a German water filtering company over 100 years old, specializes in optimizing the mineral content of water. Through the installation of BWT filtration systems, we ensure the water we use to brew our award-winning coffee beans is of excellent quality.


    With an ever expanding ensemble of coffee machines, we ensure that each visit to our coffee houses is memorable in its own right.

    The Coffee Academics owns a different elite espresso machine at each of our 7 stores located in Hong Kong, 2 in Singapore and 1 in Shanghai.

    With a strong belief that every coffee experience should be personal and unique, we personify this by pulling our signature TCA espresso blend through different high-performance espresso machines across all our stores.


    Coffee knowledge and education is a crucial pillar for The Coffee Academics and we pride ourselves on providing each of our baristas with the proper tools to enhance their practical skills and at the same time, deepen their understanding of the entire coffee chain.

    Starting from strong basic, fundamental barista skills, to more advanced, deeper topics - a wide range of holistic and comprehensive courses are incorporated into a TCA barista’s career, ensuring a continuous learning process. Naturally, this is to ensure that high service standards are achieved and to create the best coffee experiences for our customers. 

    Lead by our dedicated coffee team, we extend such courses to our customers in our public coffee workshops. Depending on your desired area of interest, our range of coffee workshops range from brewing basics to more advanced, in-depth accredited courses such as the professional world-wide certification course by City & Guilds.