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TCA CONNECT Foundation (TCA點觸基金會), a registered Chapter-88 not-for-profit organisation ('NGO') under The Coffee Academics Group, is a global community outreach initiative.

It is a platform for community stakeholders on various causes to leverage the Group's 5 value ecosystem — retail, workforce, community, design and business partners — at informal forums, workshops, coffee initiatives and sharing sessions, amid stimulating coffee aromas.

Topics range from direct trade to the plant-based food trend, from best practices in zero-waste to larger sustainability trends, from technology to minority empowerment, with many more to come. Each year, we allocate dedicated resources to facilitate and encourage volunteer works on topics that concern us and the world.

B Corporation

As a brewing force for good, every product and service by The Academics Group is an opportunity to have a positive impact on our own communities and the environment. We are actively pursuing the B Corporation certification.


We partner with AIDS Concern Hong Kong in deploying a coffee giveaway truck around the city to spread love and reduce stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS.

Women In Coffee

In Brazil, our coffee directly supports Women In Coffee - an organization that empowers women locally and in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognize women's participation in all aspects of the coffee industry.

Economic Relief

In Yemen, our participation in QIMA and Alliance of Coffee Excellence's auctions provides much-needed hope for a better future in which coffee acts as a critical source of sustainable income to a war-torn nation currently facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

Empowering Girls

Our Ethiopian coffees all support Girls Gotta Fun Foundation. The coffee sourced are paid with a price that facilitates women's self-development through sports, particularly in running. The coffee pays for their shoes and sports programs to support their independence.

TCA Connect Catracha Coffee

Local Engagement

In Honduras, we work with Catracha Coffee, a grassroot organization that funds the supplies and logistics of monthly events and workshops designed to engage and inspire the women and youth from Santa Elena.


Sustainable Diet

We work with a wide range of local suppliers in the development of plant-forward menus, offering eco-conscious diet options, and in the reduction of food waste. 


TCA Connect Fundazoo

Wildlife and Nature Conservation

In Costa Rica, we work with Genuine Origin, who will match the premium we pay and use the proceeds to finance Fundazoo's program to protect the nation's diminishing population of the precious jaguars.



Minority Empowerment

In Yunnan China, our coffee is produced by a Lisu Minority farmer, Lu Ming-chun. We partner with MediCare Resources Limited to help lift Lu and his family and his fellow Lisu neighbours out of poverty towards a sustainable living on coffee growing. 


Animal Welfare

We partner with Paws United in hosting regular Pet Adoption events to promote animal welfare and community engagement amongst animal-loving patrons.


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We work with a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to spread goodwill and maximize social impact. Let us know how we can help amplify your voice and charitable causes. 

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